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Call Us Today!
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Club Memberships

The ultimate training experience for the ultimate trainer (no you don't have to be a professional to join).
This will be the most thorough, comprehensive, effective, extensive and fun "group class" you could ever hope to be a part of.
Yeah, yeah, yeah you'll get all the typical stuff, leash training, coming when called, not jumping up etc. But this goes so far beyond that.
You'll get a complete understanding of dog's and how they communicate, think and learn, stellar impulse control, unmatched focus and attention for you, an enviable relationship with your dog and an unparalleled comradary with like minded people.
​This program, is not for someone who is hoping 1 hour a week is going to train their dog. It is for the people who are wholeheartedly commited to building the strongest connection with their dog that they can actually call themselves, their dogs Best Buddy.
​Memberships are $100 per month, there is no contract and you can cancel at any time. If after your first month you feel you have not learned anything, find no value in the program or you just didn't like it you will be given a full refund (for the total cost of 1 month) After the first month you can cancel at any time but there is no refund 
Take a look at what our classes look like and what our students are up too:

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