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Call Us Today!
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Private Lessons (In-Home)

Dog Training is like putting together a puzzle, there can be one hundred pieces to form just one picture. Each of these packages is meant to give you and your dog all of the pieces needed for optimum clarity and understanding and it just isn't possible to list all of those out so here is a quick overview of the packages we offer.
Each week of each program you will learn 6 new obedience & aglitiy handling skills to help your dog be focused, responsive and just plain awesome.   
2-One Hour Lessons $200 ($100 per lesson)
Includes skills to build heel, recalls, solid control position (sit/down), calming behaviors, and so much more. Distraction work will be included, as well as how to begin to phase lures.  
Sneak peak into the skills taught in the Fundamentals Program:

Bombproof Dog: 
4-One Hour Lessons: $360 ($90 per lesson)
Includes skills to develop solid recalls, stay behaviors, listening around distractions and trouble shooting for what to do when guests come over, preventing door dashing, and so much more. 
Sneak peak into the skills taught in the Bombproof Dog Program:
Genius Dog: 
6-One Hour Lessons: $480 ($80 per lesson)
Includes, teaching dogs how to think through problems and how to respond if they are already engaged in a distraction (chasing a rabbit, barking at the mailman etc.) This is an excellent addition to the Bombproof Dog series, giving dogs and owners a thorough education.  
Sneak peak into the skills taught in the Genius Dog Program:

There are no additional charges for multiple dogs
All fees are non-refundable  

Private Lessons