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My dog is already showing great progress and we are both learning a lot. Part of what makes My Best Buddy so special is the amount of time Christy spends, equally, with each dog and the explanation that bolsters Each training exercise. I would recommend Christy to anyone- 5 stars!
We highly recommend Christy. She is a very patient trainer and her explanations of each task we are working on are easy to follow. We recently adopted a 4 year old Norwegian elk hound, and we're having a hard time integrating him into our family with 2 other existing dogs also 4&9 years old. There were lots of attacks and aggression between them all. After a few weeks we had almost given up and someone referred Christy to us, we wanted it to work so we thought what the heck, BEST decision we ever made! After a couple short weeks he has made big strides and we now can leave them out together, they all eat together, heck they even play together. We recommend & refer Christy every chance we get. We can never thank her enough for helping complete our family. Jax is one of us and we won't let him go now. Thanks for everything Christy. -George D.
My Best Buddy is a great place. It helped to set the foundation of our dogs behavior. He escaped from the back yard and instead of running into the street he sat and waited at the curb like he had been taught. Might have saved his life. -Joshua P.
Rock Stars of Dog Training!  Carole Herron was incredible!  She showed us how and why with our dog.  The why is key to setting the stage for ongoing training.  My puppy is very stubborn and she was able to help us manage this.  Very positive experience.  She also came to our home which was very helpful. Highly recommend "Best Buddy"!! -Keith T.
Christy takes the time to understand your situation and puts forth so much effort to work with you and your dog. If anyone asks about dog training I always recommend Christy and My Best Buddy!! My Boxer/American Bulldog is a high-strung kiddo! Having used training techniques Christy utilizes I have seen a great improvement! -Samantha B.
Christy is an excellent dog trainer - I have attended her training classes for the last 6 months with my hound puppy. I have learned a LOT about dogs, why they behave the way that they do and how they should be trained. I would recommend her as a trainer to everyone - individuals or families, dogs large or small. She is really good working with "problem" dogs - she has multiple dogs she has rescued and their obedience is remarkable! She can help you to train your dog to be a safe, happy and obedient pet. -James M.
We love Christy! She was a huge help to us when our dog began showing aggressive behaviors. She helped us learn how to be better dog parents and as a result, our dog, and our relationship with our dog, has greatly improved. I would highly recommend Christy - she is a great trainer and a very caring person. -Rebecca G.
Carole did such an amazing job with our dog, Jack. Jack was very aggressive toward strangers, as well as family and friends. He also had a lot of difficulty listening to me and my husband. After our first visit with Carole we began to notice improvement. We just finished with four sessions and Jack is doing much better! He does well around family and friends (still working on strangers) and he is doing great with the commands that Carole taught us. In addition to all of the information we received, Carole was very patient with Jack. She did such a fantastic job! -Kendra J.
For the time allowed Karma showed definite improvement & improved command listening. His walk by side and other commands in German have given him a great foundation to have me continue his training. After several months and Karma reaching 1 years maturity, I may take him back for additional advanced traing. I was very pleased with owners/trainers. Kudos. -Terry T.
Christy and Stuart provided my dog with the care, attention, structure, and training he needed. The best part about the program is that there will be videos shared that show me what my dog learned and, more importantly, how I can replicate the training at home. Would wholeheartedly recomend to family and friends. -Juan H.

Before finding My Best Buddy I followd a lot of Cesars's ways. They worked with my previous dog Lukey. With Lucy and my instability since losing Lukey I knew more was needed.

I do see that if I had waited longer bonding and some normalcy would have been achieved with Lucy. But not like what your company - you and Stuart - have achieved. Im sending you this as my personal statement that your training tecniques are represntative of you and they work and are oh so so positive, caring, patient and connected to each step along the way.

Also having the other challenged canines helped Lucy grow and gain confidence. And your dogs Vision,  Lydia and your many personal stories.

Please take this note as my accolades to your company. I have you in my and Lucy's life forever. -L.